Monday, December 18, 2017 20:20

Knapton Cove Pest House

One of the little known places with a rich and dark history would be Knapton Cove Pest House. The Ellis Island of the Columbia River. ——–immigrants came through the pest house for medical examination. One of the more grimm practices of the day would have been to take a button hook one maigh use on tight shoe buttons and stretch back the corner of the eye for a closer look.SDC14389


Think of how many people would be packed on a ship?  Imagine living through the sea voyage to the western United States.   If the disease and conditions didn’t kill you then there were all the other things that happened to you once you arrived.  And if some place was bound to be haunted would the spirits stay with the ship, or would they go ashore with their fellow ship mates when they came into port?


Which do you think would be more haunted the ship, the port or some place like the pest house?

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